They gubbled and gubbled. He put his hands to his ears, but the product crept up through his nose. Then he saw the place. It was where he wore out. They threw him away there, and gubbish lay in heaps up to his waist; gubbish filled the air.
- Martian Timeslip : Philip K Dick

gubbish lets you store and retrieve data, for example some json.


the initial purpose was for a client side mapping project, that stored walking routes in indexeddb (go check it out here uk walks). there was a need to be able to share routes between people so we create a simple api that lets you store some json and retrieve it.

gubbish is not secure.
even though the id is a 32 character hash, hard to guess, anyone can access it
gubbish is temporary.
the data will stay for a while, but not forever - the idea is to use it as a quick way to share content - not as a permanent store.


to store:

curl -X POST -F 'content=test4' http:/


to retrieve:

curl -X GET